Tanya Jacobsz

takeover law and covid-19


Following on the brief article recently on the possible effects that COVID-19 will have on Offerors relying on Material Adverse Changes (MAC) to “walk away” from announced transactions, I thought it prudent to also raise and discuss the more than likely rise of unsolicited offers or so-called “hostile takeovers” during ... Read More
Jun 2, 2020Tanya Jacobsz
takeover law and covid-19


INTRODUCTION Takeovers and in particular, public takeovers must at all times be conducted with certainty and transparency in that once an Offeror issues an announcement of intent to acquire a public or listed entity he is bound and cannot simply walk away from the deal based on what it considers unfavourable ... Read More
May 25, 2020Tanya Jacobsz
Business people Showing Their Success Teamwork


By Basil Kgaugelo Mashabane The purpose of this article is to briefly deal with the mandatory offer requirements in terms of s 123 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (the Act) involving regulated companies and whether or not they can be waived with respect to share buy-back transactions done in ... Read More
Jan 17, 2020Tanya Jacobsz